Twenty-seven property owners will need to add sidewalk on their property next year as part of the city of Madison’s sidewalk improvement plan.

Monday night, city commissioners adopted Resolution No. 2021-30, which identifies the properties that the city’s sidewalk committee recommended be improved in 2022. The city will also need to install sidewalk on some of its property in 2022, according to the resolution.

Property owners on the 2022 sidewalk improvement list have been notified.

“Each year, the city designates the section of town for improvements of sidewalks,” said City Administrator Jameson Berreth. “This year the sidewalk committee started to get into some of the areas of town that are more difficult, I think it’s fair to say, based on what’s been done in the past.

“They follow the same timeline and process they have in past years to recommend the areas that are included in this resolution.”

According to the resolution, property owners are to construct sidewalks at their own expense on or before July 22, 2022. The city commission “may extend the deadline for installation of the sidewalk in the event a construction project, including sidewalk, is being undertaken during 2022.”

The resolution also says that:

1. Sidewalks shall be 4 feet 8 inches in width and run the entire length of the real property.

2. Concrete shall be a minimum of 4 inches thick and shall include aggregate customarily used in this locale for concrete that will be exposed to the elements.

3. A gravel-based course with a minimum depth of 3 inches shall be used; and

4. Location and grade shall be approved by the Engineers Office.

The city estimates that the cost of sidewalk installation per linear foot is $31.52 for 4-inch sidewalk, and $35.02 for 6-inch sidewalk.

Ryan Hegg, director of engineering and community development, said that the city has had its sidewalk installation plan since 2004.

“The goal is to get sidewalks throughout town,” he said.

Three property owners or their representative spoke to commissioners about their concerns regarding the cost of sidewalk installation. They also asked questions about how tree removal would be addressed.

Berreth urged all property owners to talk to the engineering office if there are any questions.

“The engineering office is great at working with individual property owners,” he said, adding that the office has done that every year. “They can walk you through the process and answer any questions.”

The sections of town included in the 2022 sidewalk improvement plan include three properties on NE 4th Street from N Harth Avenue to N Washington Avenue; three properties on N Lincoln Avenue from NE 1st Street to NE 3rd Street; five properties on NE 1st Street from N Lincoln Avenue to N Grant Avenue; 15 properties on SE 1st Street from S Washington Avenue to S Garfield Avenue; and one property on N Union Avenue from NW 6th Street to NW 7th Street.

Properties that already have sidewalks aren’t included on the list.