The Madison School Board approved several personnel changes during Monday’s meeting that included an additional hire to a school district paraprofessional position.

Superintendent Joel Jorgenson added Tara Grayson to the group hired as new staff. Grayson was hired to work as a high school paraprofessional at Madison Central.

Grayson joins new staff members Diane Friez, a middle-school paraprofessional; Nicole Frank, a middle-school paraprofessional; and Kendra Paulson, an elementary-school paraprofessional.

At the start of the school district’s first meeting of the 2021-22 school year, Steve Nelson and Lori Schultz, who are incumbent school board members, were sworn into new three-year terms on the board of education.

After the swearing-in, Tom Farrell was elected to another term as school board president, and Schultz was elected to a new term as vice president.