On Wednesday afternoon, the Madison Central School District reported to parents, via email, two positive tests for COVID-19.

Neither of the cases included a close contact within the school system.

In one case, a student or staff member tested positive at the Madison Elementary School. The other positive test was in a staff member not affiliated with any of the school buildings.

The school district has a policy of contacting parents and guardians about positive tests even when there are no close contacts.

In the event of a close contact, the school district contacts the S.D. Department of Health. The district also emails and phones the parents of any student deemed to be in close contact with someone who has tested positive. If the Department of Health deems a student to be a close contact, it will also contact the student’s parents directly.

All three school buildings remain at Level I, which allows face-to-face teaching and optional face coverings.

According to the school district, the elementary school has four active case. The threshold to move to Level II at that school is eight active cases.

The middle school has one active case with a Level II threshold of five active cases. There are no active cases at the high school, where the Level II threshold is six active cases.

Level II allows normal face-to-face instruction but requires face coverings.

The district’s safety levels are posted on its website at madison.k12.sd.us. On the home page, click on “Back to School” and then click on the “Back to School Plan Document” link.