Monday: Chicken cordon bleu casserole, garlic mashed potatoes, capri blend vegetables, fruit, whole grain bread

Tuesday: Beef stroganoff, spiced peaches, breadstick, lettuce salad

Wednesday: Meatloaf, flame-roasted sweet potatoes, peas, strawberries and pineapple, whole grain bread

Thursday: Chicken and wild rice casserole, normandy blend vegetables, red spiced applesauce, whole grain bread

Friday: Cornbread beef tamale casserole, fiesta blend vegetables, yukon potatoes, fruit


Monday: Roast beef, gravy, whipped potatoes, green beans, bread, jello cake

Tuesday: Crunchy pork steak, gravy, cornbread stuffing, glazed carrots, butterscotch blondies

Wednesday: Chicken alfredo, noodles, carrots, melon, bread

Thursday: Honey mustard chicken, baked potato, beets, baked custard, bread

Friday: Fish fillet, wild rice blend, Italian vegetables, pineapple, cornbread


Monday: Popcorn chicken, corn, pineapple tidbits, bread

Tuesday: Sloppy joe, french fries, broccoli mandarin oranges

Wednesday: Spaghetti, meat sauce, garlic toast, California blend vegetables, slushie

Thursday: Barbecued pork on bun, applesauce, baked beans

Friday: Pizza crunchers, peas, fruit cocktail



Monday: Lumberjacks, mini donors or cereal

Tuesday: French toast sticks, yogurt parfait or cereal

Wednesday: Breakfast sandwich, mini pancakes or cereal

Thursday: Cheese omelet, cinnamon roll or cereal

Friday: Scrambled eggs, long john or cereal


Monday: Elem: Chicken nuggets or sack lunch; steamed cauliflower. HS/MS: Baked cavatini chicken nugget or fiestada pizza; steamed cauliflower.

Tuesday: Elem: Mini corn dogs or sack lunch; steamed carrot coins. HS/MS: Soft-shell beef tacos, mini corn dogs or pepperoni pizza; steamed carrot coins.

Wednesday: Elem: Spaghetti and meat sauce with breadstick or sack lunch; steamed green beans. HS/MS: Spaghetti and meat sauce with breadstick, barbecued rib sandwich or french bread cheese pizza; steamed green beans.

Thursday: Elem: Mandarin orange chicken and rice or sack lunch; stir fry vegetable. HS/MS: Mandarin orange chicken and rice, sloppy joe or mini cheese pizzas; stir fry vegetables.

Friday: Elem: Macaroni and cheese or sack lunch; baked beans; steamed California blend vegetables. HS/MS: Macaroni and cheese, chicken wings or pizza; baked beans.



Monday: Blueberry muffin, rainbow yogurt, mandarin oranges

Tuesday: French toast sticks, egg patty, colby jack cheese stick, apple juice, tropical fruit salad

Wednesday: Strawberry cream cheese bagel, string cheese, fruit cocktail

Thursday: Cherry frudel, strawberry banana yogurt, fruit punch, diced peaches


Monday: Pepperoni pizza, diced peaches, peas and carrot blend

Tuesday: Barbecued pork on bun, mandarin oranges, baked beans

Wednesday: Goulash, mini garlic toast, diced pears, steamed carrots

Thursday: Popcorn chicken, dinner roll, diced peaches, oven-baked french fries