Maher wedding

DECORATIONS THAT were created by family and friends of the couple which will be used at the Maher-Koepsell wedding are set up in an arrangement. 

Brady Maher and Morgan Koepsell are preparing to marry on Aug. 13 at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Madison.

The couple began dating in 2018 and were engaged just last year.

Brady is the son of Rae Lynn Maher and the grandson of Karen Becker. Both women have enjoyed various crafts and artistic activities throughout their lives.

Rae Lynn, a Nunda resident, enjoys sewing, quilting, painting and more. She graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in home economics.

“I grew up messing with that kind of stuff because of my mom,” Rae Lynn said.

It only made sense, then, to use her talents for her son’s wedding. Rae Lynn will be creating the wedding cake. She will also be altering and customizing the bride’s dress, just like she did for the brides in her previous three children’s weddings.

Morgan’s family, who are from the Canova area, has been helping as well. As a group, they have created the centerpieces, bouquets, photography backdrop and more. The wedding will have a western theme.

“The intention was always to make as much as possible by ourselves,” said the mother of the bride, Ronda Koepsell.

Ronda is an elementary teacher at the Orland Colony, so she is no stranger to crafting.

“I’ve done anniversary cakes, gardening and crafting with kids at school,” Ronda said. “I’m not afraid to just try things.”

As they are inching closer to the wedding day, the decorations are not the only thing the couple and their families are looking forward to.

“I’ll be looking forward to the celebrating,” Morgan said, “besides getting married!”