Casey Crabtree

Casey Crabtree

Sen. Casey Crabtree won the District 8 Senate seat by the widest margin in the state, exceeding not only results for other legislators but also the margins seen by Thune and Noem. Overall, Crabtree won 79% of the vote, or 3,124 of the 3,956 votes cast.

In Lake and Kingsbury counties, his margins were even greater. In Lake County, he received 1,337 of the 1,656 votes cast, or 80%. In Kingsbury County, he received 953 of the 1,149 votes cast, or 82%.

Crabtree was initially appointed to replace Jordan Youngberg and won his first campaign in 2020. On Wednesday morning, he expressed appreciation to District 8 voters who supported his bid for re-election.

“My approach won’t change,” he said about representing three new counties with the redistricting. “The things I’m passionate about will be the same regardless of the four counties I represent.”

These include economic development, including agriculture and value-added agriculture, and education.

“I want to make sure we hold onto our South Dakota values,” he added.

Crabtree indicated that he campaigned hard throughout the district and looks forward to serving all of District 8 in the Senate.

He will not face a Democratic challenger in November.

Local businesswoman Heather DeVries, who ran against Crabtree in the primary, expressed appreciation for those who supported her and indicated a family crisis prevented her from campaigning as effectively as possible.

“It will be guns ablazin’ next time,” she said, indicating she plans to run again in two years.