On Tuesday night, the Madison City Commission approved ordinances governing the licensing and zoning of medical marijuana dispensaries.

Commissioner Kelly Dybdahl opposed both ordinances as too limiting.

The ordinances allow for two dispensaries within Madison. Dybdahl said allowing facilities that cultivate marijuana or manufacture marijuana products could lead to good-paying jobs and revenue for the utilities department.

“We could miss out on revenue,” Dybdahl said.

City administrator Jameson Berreth explained that the ordinances were written to allow dispensaries because state law requires each community to offer one.

“Dispensary is the only one not prohibited” in the ordinances, Berreth said, though the commission could come back at a later date and add other facilities for cultivation or manufacturing.

The zoning ordinance was approved on a 4-1 vote with Dybdahl dissenting.

License fees for medical marijuana dispensaries were set with a $1,500 nonrefundable application fee and a yearly renewal of the license set at $1 per capita based on the last census. That fee would be just more than $6,900.

The licensing ordinance was also approved on a 4-1 vote with Dybdahl dissenting.