Lake County issued 26 building permits in May with total construction costs projected at $3,990,500. Of the building permits issued, four were for single-family homes and one was for a four-plex.

The following applications were submitted:

— Tony and Martin Seten, Summit Township, 54X80X16 storage shed, $200,000.

— Brian and Amanda Maas, Rutland Township, 40X48X14 storage shed, $101,000.

— Aaron Leighton, Summit Township, moving existing octagonal building on property for garage, nine feet on each side, $10,000.

— Randall Hanson, Lakeview Township, 10X16 storage shed, $7,000.

— Bryan and Kaylene Ingalls, Wentworth Township, covering existing 14X20 deck, $20,000.

— Carter Schwader, Herman Township, new 16X30 deck, $15,000.

— Joseph Beran Trust, Lakeview Township, new single-family home with attached garage, $500,000.

--Tyler and Somer Pickard, Summit Township, 60X64X16 storage shed, $86,000.

— Spencer Mann, Chester Township, 70X100X16 storage shed, $345,000.

— Patrick and Carla Scott, Wentworth Township, new 16X20 deck, $19,000.

— Tracey Anderson, Wentworth Township, retaining wall and concrete patio, paver replacement, $150,000.

— Timothy Oines, Farmington Township, upgrading equipment on existing AT&T tower, $15,000.

— Jerry and Joyce Wermerson, Lakeview Township, 8X16 deck addition, $2,500.

— Brian and Kelli Leighton, Lakeview Township, replace deck of the same size, $27,000.

— Derrick and Kimberly Flier, Wentworth Township, new single-family home with attached garage, $440,000.

— Jean Stemper, Lakeview Township, new 48X60 autobody repair/calibration shop, $200,000.

— Steven and Lorie Ellis, Chester Township, covered 18X22 outdoor kitchen with concrete patio pad, $3,000.

— Travis and Melissa Steever, Lakeview Township, 18X28X10 storage shed, $10,000.

— Lake Pointe Properties, Wentworth Township, four-plex, multi-family home with attached garages, $750,000.

— Rick Trapp, Chester Township, move existing shed on lot for a pool house with half bath, 12X24 addition, $10,000.

— John and Lisa Anderson, Herman Township, 12X20 storage shed, $7,000.

— Rose M. Stumpe Trust, Chester Township, new single-family home with attached garage, $250,000.

— Doug and Kari Black, Wentworth Township, 20X36 inground pool, $58,000.

— Justin Minnaert, Franklin Township, new single-family home with attached garage, $750,000.

— Tom and Arla Baumberger, Wentworth Township, storm damage – replace two grain bins, repair damage to home, exempt from permitting cost.

— Lawrence and Janelle Little, Herman Township, repair and replace existing garage, increasing size to 30X36, $15,000.