Love Your Neighbor Tour

SISTER LYNN MARIE WELBIG (orange blazer) led a discussion on Medicaid expansion for her Love Your Neighbor Tour on Tuesday at Madison's 2nd Street Diner.

The Love Your Neighbor Tour, an inter-faith group advocating for Medicaid expansion in South Dakota, gathered on Tuesday at Madison’s 2nd Street Diner. Led by Sister Lynn Marie Welbig, the tour aims to bring awareness to the benefits of expanded Medicaid for working class and rural communities.

According to Welbig, 42,500 South Dakota citizens currently live without proper health care. While many view Medicaid as akin to welfare or simply a government handout, Welbig insists that around 60% of these people are full-time employees. She added that many are hard-working farmers or small business owners with too little in their annual budgets to pay for quality health care.