Sioux Valley Energy gives its members more reasons to Go Electric with its 2022 program offerings.

“With changes in fossil fuel prices and concerns over that, we are dedicated to helping members find out how going electric can save them money,” said Sheila Gross, Sioux Valley Energy’s Energy Specialist in its Beneficial Electrification Department.

The Cooperative’s Beneficial Electrification Department, established in 2021, works to find solutions for members seeking to save money, take control of their electric bill, and be more energy efficient.

“We previously had several employees in several different departments, such as Electrical Wiring Services and Energy Services, each working one aspect of the member services programs,” said Vice President of Human Resources and Member Services Debra Biever. “It made sense to combine these departments and have them all working on the same team within the Beneficial Electrification Department. We felt by combining these internal resources and adding some engineering expertise into the same department, we could better serve our members by being quicker to respond to member needs and quicker to adapt and grow our member services programs.”

This gathering of Cooperative resources in one department fits well with the definition of beneficial electrification.

Beneficial Electrification is the use of electricity for end uses that would otherwise be fueled by fossil fuels. This not only eliminates the carbon produced locally, but takes advantage of a reliable, low-cost electric grid that is getting greener every day with the implementation of additional wind and solar generation.

The Co-op’s large-capacity water heater program is a prime example of beneficial electrification.

Marathon and Westinghouse/HTP large-capacity water heaters are offered to members for $400. The water heaters are part of the Co-op’s long-standing load management program.

“With these water heaters, we can shift loads away from high-demand times. This has helped save more than $700,000 a year in load demand charges,” said Gross. “It’s a big savings for our members and the Cooperative.”

The Cooperative also has incentives for members planning to add electric vehicles to their households.

The incentives include rebates for purchasing an EV, rebates for preparing homes for the addition of a future EV, and special rates to encourage off-peak electric charging.

“We are embracing what members want by offering rates that put the control in their hands so that members can save on their costs,” said Gross.

For members looking to upgrade or make changes to their home’s heating and cooling system, Sioux Valley Energy offers rebates for air-to-air heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, and ductless air-source heat pumps, as well as a reduced electric heat rate.

Also in the works for 2022 is a community-based solar project planned at the Co-op’s Colman, S.D., headquarters. Details on the project, which will be available to SVE members, are being finalized.

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