City commission hires Muth Electric to repair MAC

MADISON'S COMMISSIONERS approved a proposal submitted by Muth Electric, a Sioux Falls-headquartered electrical contractor, to provide the labor and some equipment for repairs and renovations to the Madison Aquatic Center. The city will pay Muth Electric about $35,870 to repair the damaged electrical system in the maintenance building for Madison's outdoor swimming pool.

Madison's city commissioners this week approved hiring Muth Electric to perform repair work on the electrical system in the Madison Aquatic Center.

The Sioux Falls-based electrical company will provide the labor for the removal of damaged electrical equipment from the building used for the operation of the city's outdoor swimming pool in Westside Park. Jared Hettinger of Muth Electric provided a proposal for the repairs that amounted to $35,872.

Dated on July 13, Muth representatives asked Madison officials to accept the proposal within 10 days. The proposal was formally presented to the city commissioners on Monday.

The MAC has remained closed this year due to a failed ventilation system and damage to the maintenance building's electrical system caused by the buildup of chemical fumes. City officials announced the damage to the MAC's electrical in late winter 2021.

Since spring, Madison officials have worked on purchasing replacement parts for the damaged equipment and organizing the repair work.

In the proposal, Muth Electric officials have proposed providing:

-- Demolition work for the existing damaged motor control center, main distribution panel and other panels, six lights, six electrical outlets, two light switches, a 30-kilowatt heater and three sets of motor wiring and piping.

-- Installation of a city-furnished starter panel.

-- Installation of new conduit and cable to three city-furnished panels.

-- Removal of feeder wire between the main distribution panel and a transformer and smaller panels.

-- Installation of new copper wire between the main panel and transformer and smaller panels.

-- Installation of a new 30-kW heater.

-- Installation of a new 30-ampere fusible disconnect and switch near a boiler and installation of six 20-amp ground fault-interrupter outlets.

-- Installation of two light switches and one junction box for a crane.

-- Installation of six LED lights with conduit and wiring.

The Muth Electric proposal does not include providing a motor replacement, boiler-heater, main distribution panel, smaller panels or starter panel.

Brad Lawrence, city utility director, recommended that the city commissioners approve Muth Electric's proposal. According to Lawrence, Muth Electric provided the only proposal from the group of contractors that he had spoken to about the repair project.

Lawrence said the electrical contractor had estimated the repairs would take eight weeks to complete. Lawrence added that the city had not received all of the replacement equipment that municipal officials had ordered, but the equipment and material should arrive while the work is under way.

According to Lawrence, Madison's insurance carrier should provide about $89,000 to help pay for repairs to the MAC. He added that labor expenses related to the repairs were higher than anticipated but, so far, the costs for replacement equipment and material appeared manageable.