East River celebrates employees' longevity

SCOTT SEITZ is awarded a clock with a plaque in appreciation of his 35 years of service to East River Electric Power Cooperative.

East River Electric Power Cooperative recently presented service awards to 22 employees with years of service ranging from five to 35 years.

"I'd like to congratulate this year's service award recipients and thank them for their dedication to East River Electric. We are especially proud of everyone for continuing to work hard and provide our essential service during stressful times such as we are facing this year," said General Manager Tom Boyko.

Digital Communications Systems Foreman Scott Seitz, one of this year's service award recipients, began working at East River 35 years ago.

"I was hired as an apprentice microwave technician in the telecommunications department in 1985. Technology is continually changing, and trying to keep up with the technology has been a continuous education process, making the last 35 years go by fast. Being surrounded by a great workforce within our department has made this job enjoyable and much easier. I have met a lot of great individuals and developed lasting friendships with individuals both within and outside the organization due to this job," said Seitz.

Liz Avery, human resources and administration manager, celebrated her 30-year work anniversary.

"From my first day, I found the work interesting and challenging," said Avery. "East River provides an engaging culture that pushes us to do our best. From technology to the people to the industry itself, so much has changed over these past 30 years. I have had made many lifelong memories and friends along the way."

A listing of the awards is as follows:

35 years: Scott Seitz

30: Liz Avery, Tim Dockendorf, Brad Ebdrup

20 years: Curt Wiedman, Bryan Wieman

15 years: Chris Anderson, Sam Anderson, Wade Bialas, Kurt Donelan, Tony Englert, Rory Johannsen, Kyle Weber

10 years: Adam DesLauriers, Michael Dunbar, Todd Hansen, Melissa Johnson, Paul Letsche, Clay Tanner

5 years: Erica Fitzhugh, Joe Henderson, John Knofczynski