Racing for the area drivers started on Friday night at Murray County Speedway in Worthington, Minn., and Black Hills Speedway at Rapid City.

Ron Howe of Wentworth competed in the Late Model Street Stock Division at Murray County Speedway and placed ninth in the A-Feature. Winning the A-Feature was Cory Yeigh of Sioux Falls.

Earlier in the evening, Howe finished fifth in his heat. Winning the heat races were Colby Klaassen of Little Rock, Iowa, and Zach Olivier of Sioux Falls.

Black Hills Speedway

Ramona's Ryan Bickett and Madison's Dillon Bickett were both in the 360 Sprint Car class at Black Hills Speedway.

R. Bickett won the A-Feature and his heat race on Friday night.

D. Bickett placed sixth in the A-Feature and fourth in his heat race.

Adam Speckman of Rapid City won the other heat race.

Miller Central Speedway

Madison's Doug VanLiere won his heat race in the Wissota Super Stock class on Saturday night at Miller Central Speedway.

Later in the program, VanLiere piloted his Y5 car to a third-place finish in the A-Feature. Winning the A-Feature was Austin Arbogast of Huron.

Dale Tomes of Dell Rapids picked up the other heat race win.

I-90 Speedway

The Midwest Sprint Touring 360 series invaded I-90 Speedway for the second time this season. Nine area drivers were in the infield with five competing in the Midwest Sprint Touring Series.

R. Bickett placed second in the A-Feature and was the top area finisher.

D. Bickett placed 10th in the A-Feature while longtime racing veteran Chuck McGillivray placed 11th in the A-Feature.

Madison's Dylan Opdahl and Colman's Aaron Werner did not finish the race.

Winning the A-Feature was Jody Rosenboom of Rock Rapids, Iowa.

The Bicketts both placed third in their heat races while McGillivray was fifth and Werner was sixth in their heat races. Opdahl did not finish his heat race.

Winning heat races were Eric Lutz, Sioux Falls; Travis Reber, Rapid City; and Rosenboom.

Three area drivers competed in the IMCA Racesaver Sprint division. Madison's Nate Barger was second in the A-Feature while D. Bickett was fifth and Werner was 10th.

Winning the A-Feature was Lee Goos, Jr. of Sioux Falls.

Picking up heat race wins were D. Bickett; Andrew Sullivan of Arnold's Park, Iowa; and Bayley Ballenger of Harrisburg.

Barger was third in his heat race and Werner was fifth in his heat race.

Madison's Matt Steuerwald was the only area driver competing in the Late Model Street Stock Division. Steuerwald placed fourth in the A-Feature. Winning the A-Feature was Yeigh.

Picking up heat race wins were Dan Jensen, Humboldt; Tim Dann, Hartford; and Billy Prouty, Alexandria. Steuerwald placed third in his heat race.

Two Madison drivers competed in the USRA B-Modified Division. Curt Ottoson was 10th in the A-Feature while Doug Wallis was 12th. Winning the A-Feature was Camden Myers of Ethan.

Both Ottoson and Wallis had run the B-Feature earlier in the night. Ottoson placed third in the B-Feature while Wallis was fourth. Winning the B-Feature was Tanner James of Mt. Vernon.

Picking up heat races wins were Myers; Chris Goetz of Centerville; and Chuck Chernotik, Jr. of Fulton. Wallis was sixth in his heat race while Ottoson was seventh.