Ramona's Ryan Bickett placed fifth in the Midwest 360 Sprint Touring Series A-Feature at I-90 Speedway near Hartford on Saturday night.

Madison's Chuck McGillivray drove his 101 sprint car to a 10th-place finish.

Winning the A-Feature was Cody Ledger of Omaha, Neb.

Bickett was fifth in his heat race while McGillivray was sixth. Dylan Opdahl of Madison didn't finish either his heat race or the A-Feature.

Winning heat races were Lee Goos, Jr., Hartford; and Jody Rosenboom, Rock Rapids, Iowa.

In the IMCA Race Saver Sprints. two Madison drivers placed in the A-Feature. Nate Barger was 11th and Dillon Bickett was 14th. Winning the A-Feature was Goos.

D. Bickett won the B-Feature. Nick Barger did not finish the race.

Nate Barger was fourth in his heat race while Nick Barger was sixth and D. Bickett was seventh, Winning heat races were Javen Ostermann, Courtland, Minn.; Dusty Ballenger, Harrisburg; and Jared Jansen, Sioux Falls.

Ron Howe of Wentworth placed sixth in the Late Model Street Stock A-Feature and third in his heat race. Winning the A-Feature was Zach Olivier of Sioux Falls. Cory Yeigh of Sioux Falls and Brandon Ferguson of Lennox won heat races.

In the USRA B-Modifieds, Madison's Curt Ottoson was 11th in the A-Feature. Winning the A-Feature was Derek Van Veldhuizen of Rock Rapids, Iowa.

Madison's Doug Wallis was eighth in the B-Feature,

Ottoson was fourth in his heat race while Wallis was sixth. Winning heat races were Dustin Johnson, Mitchell; Chris Goetz, Centerville; Jeff Wittrock, Sioux Falls; and Scott Kennedy, Sioux Falls.


John Hanneman of Madison was seventh in the Wissota Super Stock A-Feature on Saturday night. Winning the feature race was Trevor Nelson of Warner.

Hanneman was seventh in his heat race. Heat race winners were Jeremy North, Huron; and Nelson.


Racing action came to a close for the area drivers on Sunday night at Huset's Speedway near Brandon.

Nunda's Cody Hansen placed 10th in the Casey's 410 Sprint Car A-Feature. Winning the race was Justin Henderson of Tea.

Hansen was third in his heat race. Winning heat races were Tyler Drueke, Eagle, Neb.; Henderson; and Rosenboom.

In the Racesaver Sprint Cars, R. Bickett was 10th in the A-Feature while Nate and Nick Barger were 16th and 17th, respectively. Winning the A-Feature was Casey Abbas of Lennox.

R. Bickett was third in his heat race while Nick Barger was fifth in his heat race and Nate was seventh. Winning heat races were Abbas; Jacob Hughes, Hartford; and Ostermann.

Matt Steuerwald of Madison was 10th in the Late Model Street Stock Feature. Winning the race was Jim Pruett of Brandon.

Howe was fourth in his heat race while Yeigh and Pruett picked up heat race wins.