Madison’s Nick and Nate Barger dueled it out for the top two spots in the IMCA Racesaver 305 Sprint car A-Feature at I-90 Speedway near Hartford on Saturday night. Nick Barger came out on top as he recorded the win, and brother Nate was runner-up.

Another Madison driver also had a great finish in the IMCA Racesaver Sprint car A-Feature as Dillon Bickett placed fifth.

Earlier in the evening, Nick Barger won his heat race. He had a perfect night on Saturday with a pair of wins.

Bickett placed third in his heat race while Nate Barger drove to a fourth-place finish in his heat race.

Other heat race winners were Jackson Weber, Dell Rapids; and Brandon Halverson, Jackson, Minn.

Matt Steuerwald and Ron Howe both started deep in the field in the Late Model Street Stock A-Feature, and both passed a number of cars in the race. Steuerwald started 12th and finished third; Howe started 19th and placed sixth. Winning the A-Feature was Zach Olivier of Sioux Falls.

Steuerwald placed third in his heat and Howe was sixth in his heat race. Winning heat races were Brandon Ferguson, Lennox; and Mike Chaney, Sioux Falls.

Madison’s Doug Wallis placed 12th in the USRA B-Modified A-Feature race as Camden Myers of Ethan picked up the win.

Wallis placed fourth in his heat race while Rutland’s Tucker Powell placed seventh in his heat race. Winning heat races in the USRA B-Modified division were Justin Voeltz, Hartford; Scott Kennedy, Sioux Falls; and Trevor Tesch, Lennox.

Madison’s Travis Christensen moved up nine spots from his 18th starting spot to place ninth in the USRA Hobby Stock A-Feature. Winning the A-Feature was Sioux Falls’ Dustin Gulbrandson.

Wentworth’s Blaine Hare placed 14th in the A-Feature after starting 20th.

Christensen won the B-Feature earlier to advance to the A-Feature.

Hare placed sixth in his heat. Christensen was unable to start his heat race. Heat race winners included Nick Brady, Sioux Falls; Gulbrandson; and Joel Norris, Sioux Falls.


Steuerwald had another good night at Huset’s Speedway on Sunday night. The Madison driver started 12th in the Nordstrom’s Late Model Street Stock A-Feature and weaved his way through traffic to finish third. Winning the A-Feature was Olivier of Sioux Falls.

Howe did not finish the A-Feature.

Howe placed third in his heat race while Steuerwald was sixth. Winning heat races were J.J. Zebell, Parker; and Chaney.

Madison’s Chuck McGillivray placed 18th while Nunda’s Cody Hansen was 20th in the Casey’s 410 Outlaw Sprint Car A-Feature. Winning the A-Feature was Ryan Timms, Oklahoma City, Okla.

Both Hansen and McGillivray placed sixth in their heat races. Winning heat races were Timms; Brendan Mullen, Grand Forks, N.D.; Mark Dobmeier, Grand Forks, N.D.’ and Marcus Dumesny, Sydney, NSW.

Nick Barger claimed a heat race in the Wyffel Hybrids Racesaver Sprint Car class while Nate Barger placed fifth. Other heat race winners were Brandon Bosma, Rock Rapids, Iowa; and Tim Rustad, Pipestone, Minn.

Neither Nick nor Nate Barger finished the A-Feature. Winning the A-Feature was Bosma.