Editor, The Daily Leader:

You may have noticed our mail carriers working some late hours these past few days. I’ve actually seen one of the carriers in my neighborhood still out delivering after 6:30 p.m.

I was visiting with this carrier recently and was told that they are very short-staffed, so they are taking extra routes to get everyone’s mail delivered.

I would like to publicly express my appreciation to all mail carriers putting in long hours to make sure we get our mail, especially this time of year when Christmas greetings from family and friends make up a great deal of the mail they deliver.

Not only do they deliver mail that was sent through the USPS, but they also deliver packages that are originally shipped through other package shipping companies that utilize the USPS for final delivery to its intended address.

With the increasing number of missing and incorrectly delivered packages from another big-name shipper that we all know of, I don’t remember the last time a piece of mail was wrongly delivered to me, intended for someone else or visa-versa.

So, thank you, mail carriers! It may not be expressed as often as it should, but you are appreciated! If you are satisfied with your mail carrier’s service, please let them know! Maybe remember them this Christmas with a gift of Madison Mad Money or a gift card to one of the many fine dining establishments in our area.

Tim Salmen

Madison, Dec. 13