Editor, The Daily Leader:

What if Dakota Energy breaks from East River?

DE is not regulated by the SDPUC as they are under federal jurisdiction because they internally set the electric rates for their members. DE has a seat on the ERC board and votes on our electric rates. Investor owned companies are regulated by the PUC because their customers don’t have a say in rates. DE won’t have a seat on the Guzman board.

Would DE be considered a member controlled nonprofit?

It’s unclear how the SDPUC would treat Guzman and DE. ERC and DE pay taxes. Both are non-profits. Guzman isn’t. How would this affect our tax base for schools and how will the SDPUC rule? Uncharted territory.

DE has severed financial ties with the Rural Utility Service and borrow money from other sources at higher rates. DE broke ties with the RUS to escape loan criteria, i.e., environment and engineering review and federal oversight. Each step takes DE further from federal ties, jurisdictions, and away from co-op founding principles that give preference to rural family farms.

DE will lose our allocation of Missouri River power, about 17% of our power.

The DE board is suing me and 16 other members to stop us from having a meeting to let the members vote. They have also refused to let us see the Letter of Intent and Common Interest Agreement they have with Guzman Energy. Transparency? Have you ever heard of a co-op suing its own members?

Have you heard that Guzman is lobbying our legislators in Pierre? Lots of money at stake. Yours and mine.

By the way, East River has never paid me one penny.

Let people vote.

Pat Doak

Huron, Nov. 15