Editor, The Daily Leader:

Dakota Energy is calling certain members that signed the petition (calling for a special meeting) asking them why they signed the petition and other questions. They ask the members to meet at Dakota Energy so they can discuss matters one-on-one. Is this another attempt to try to spread more misinformation and limit knowledge to what is going on?

Is it ethical for a for-profit company to assist a nonprofit to break a contract so that they can serve the nonprofit? Would Dakota Energy still be a cooperative?

They don’t want the member/owners to have a say, don’t publish minutes of the meetings showing motions and who voted for or against (following Robert’s Rules of Order), and have elections where members can only vote for existing board members.

Our cooperative, Dakota Energy, has served subpoenas on several of their own members that have asked questions or circulated petitions according to the bylaws. Is this the new norm for Dakota Energy?? The subpoenas sent out by the law firm Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell LLP out of Denver demand copies of all documents and communications relating to Dakota Energy, East River and Basin Electric.

From what we see on the internet, this is the same law firm that Guzman uses to break other contracts.

Maybe Dakota Energy, the manager and board of directors should furnish copies of all documents, communications and expenses relating to Guzman Energy and their associates.

Why doesn’t Dakota Energy call a meeting according to the petition, let all organizations involved speak, answer questions and do it in a professional and ethical manner?

Twyla Folk

Huron, Aug. 12