Editor, The Daily Leader:

The Biden administration, by its own actions, have conveyed that Covid is 100% over by leaving our border wide open. The estimate is now between 100,000-400,000 illegals per month. They are untested, unvaxxed and unvetted. The WH press secretary has admitted that illegals are flown to American cities in the dark of night. This leads to a couple conclusions: 1) the Biden admin MUST think that Covid is not as dangerous as they say it is; or 2) Covid is still rampant and they want it to spread. Which is it?

Why are businesses forcing employee inoculations without a mandate? The mandate is not a law yet. It’s still being researched. Why is the government subjecting American citizens to mandates while illegals are free to cross the border without restrictions? Are we being treated like 2nd class citizens? How can we afford to lose frst responders and military personnel? They aren’t easily replaced.

On Oct. 21, Biden referred to the unvaxxed, saying, “You don’t have the freedom to kill with your Covid” Well, what does that say about his open border policy then? Isn’t that the definition of hypocrisy when you can’t even follow your own suggestions?

How come we’re hearing crickets from Fauci about the border crisis “super-spreader event”? A key decision-maker for American’s safety during Covid is now DEAD SILENT? Why? Compromised? Politicized? Is this really a “pandemic of the unvaxxed”? Shouldn’t he be demanding that the border be locked down until the pandemic is over and Americans are no longer restricted?

The amount of drugs, terrorists and human traffickers (and their victims) crossing the border is ASTOUNDING! It’s been widely stated that fences are “inhumane” and “not who we are.” and yet, the same government agency (DHS) that Biden ordered to stop construction of the border wall, to protect U.S. citizens, has now been ordered to build a $450,000 security fence around his summer home. That should make everyone think about how we are all being treated in America.

Is it any wonder why phrases and chants such as “Let’s Go Brandon!” have come to the forefront with all the frustrations that citizens have had to deal with since this administration took over? Maybe that phrase wouldn’t have become a sensation if the reporter hadn’t tried to cover it up what the crowd was actually chanting. If this phrase is thought of as inappropriate, let’s not forget about Kathy Griffin holding up a severed head of then-President Trump and Madonna saying “I’ve thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” These are statements/threats of physical violence against a sitting president, not a simple chant.

The current oppressive government is the very definition of tyranny. It would seem that the current administration is trying to divide our nation even when Biden promised transparency and unification. Are we to let our current government tear our nation apart or stand together against an over-reaching government?

We need to open and civilized discussion about the future of this country, please share your opinions.

Craig Hoffman

Madison, Oct. 31