Editor, The Daily Leader:

Do you want to know how a South African views Madison in South Dakota?

I arrived here from Cape Town last month and have been soaking up the many facets of the little town. So many cool things here in Madison.

The fresh air, blue sky, peaceful driving habits and seems like most Madisonians have a smile about to break out and warm you up.

I was also bowled over with the teamwork of a group of road makers who were laying fresh tar and concrete sidewalks in the area. Arriving early each morning, the team got cracking and began buzzing around with a variety of swanky road making vehicles. Motor graders, nifty smaller machines, huge shiny trucks and then finally the compressing with impressive and seriously slow steam rollers. Well, no longer powered by steam I guess, but that’s what they were called in the past.

I watched the whole process as they transformed the area, literally pouring the streets into being. Now back in South Africa this project would have taken quite a few months to complete!

And then Madison took my breath away as golden and crimson leaves fluttered down, adorning the area with the blushing beauty of the fall. Marvelous!

Larne Neuland

Madison, Nov. 10