Have you ever wondered who writes F words on public bathroom walls? We have all been exposed to this morally repugnant behavior from time to time. And so you wonder: Do these vandals scratch this stuff into the walls and doors while they are using the bathroom, or do they actually waste their time once they're finished? Either way, we can all agree that the writing is unsightly and inappropriate.

I may have the answer to that very question. It may be the same kind of people who now fly "F...Biden" flags in their yards for all to see. People driving to work, young kids going to school, people out on a walk with the family. With the political climate the way it is in our country, this could catch on and soon there will be more flags like that.

So let's, as a community, send a message to these people that we don't want our neighborhoods filled with these flags. I don't care which party you support, but please have some dignity and integrity.

Mark Even

Madison, April 19