There have been some sharp barbs put out in the media lately regarding the Dakota Energy law suit against East River Co-op and those that have differing views.

Let's put that aside.

Wouldn't the Dakota Energy members like to know:

-- Why are Dakota Energy's rates the highest in the state?

Central Electric 11.94c

Codington-Clark Electric 9.32c

Northern Electric 9.69

Oahe Electric 9.74c

Dakota Energy 14.28c

Source: Energy Information Administration

These co-ops are all East River Co-op members, so it's hard to understand how Dakota Energy's high rates are East River's fault. Maybe we should have an independent financial audit comparing Dakota Energy's costs with other East River member co-op costs?

-- What has Dakota Energy spent on this law suit? Legal fees with Schoenbeck Law firm, Lawrence and Schiller Marketing firm, and advertising costs?

-- What costs are Guzman Energy paying for? The St. Lewis law firm?

-- What did Dakota Energy's letter of intent to Guzman Energy say?

Aren't the members entitled to know?

Aren't these fair questions?

Transparency is the best policy for a co-op that is member-owned.

Aren't the members entitled to have a say, a vote on a matter that could fundamentally change the business model of our co-op?

Let's not hate each other because we are asking questions.

Pat Doak

Huron, July 24