It's almost April, and as we note the flowers and bushes beginning to flower in our yards, it's worth noting that some of the fading color in a few Madison properties is no longer welcome. Campaign signs, put up long before the November election, still mar the view of citizens enjoying a spring walk through the city.

It's been nearly five months since the election, and it's time for those campaign signs to come down. We can't do much about what you might see in the country, with painted hay bales and signs on fences that advertise a candidate from the gone election, but Madison could follow the lead of its neighbor to the east, Flandreau, that requires campaign yard signs to come down ten days after the election.

What's done is done, and whether your candidate won or lost, it makes no sense to continue campaigning as though doing so would make a difference. Put it behind you.

I encourage the Madison city commissioners to adopt a rule to allow campaign signs to be put up in the city perhaps thirty days prior to voting and to come down ten days after. That's plenty of time to voice your view. After that, those signs are just an eyesore.

John Nelson

Madison, March 21