The job of firefighters seems like it would be a dirty, dangerous and thankless job. We recently lost our home to a fire. The Madison firefighters responded very quickly to contain the fire so it would not spread.

My wife and I were amazed, while the house was burning and full of smoke, that they were able to save the things that meant the most to us. Family photos, important papers, titles, birth certificates, my Vietnam medals, special firearms, momentos, family heirlooms, kids' and grandchildren's writings, drawings and on and on.

As we stood watching our home go up in flames and watching the flurry of activity going on all around us, we were very thankful for our lives and owe much to the Madison firefighters.

We, Perry and Tedgi Anderson, can't do much to take away the dirty or the dangerous, but we can help take away the thankless.

A very, very heartfelt thank you!

Perry and Tedgi Anderson

Madison, Jan. 22