Last month The Madison Daily Leader announced a change of ownership. At this pivot point in the life of our local paper, it's good to reflect on the role of responsible news media in community and civic life.

Local news, locally produced, matters. While I like reading national and international news and believe in the interconnectedness of all people and things, I know that only a local paper will cover the sports, culture, politics and community life of Madison and Lake County.

Journalism with integrity is integral to helping us know our neighbors and be accountable to one another as members of a community. Human-interest stories grow our appreciation for the people with whom we live; coverage of the decisions and duties of our elected officials and city and county employees also grows our appreciation for the responsibilities of effective government.

When citizens are allowed to see, with the help of impartial and professional media, how their city and county operate, it is an opportunity for everyone to increase commitment to community.

A local paper is information infrastructure; it is a civic utility. May the Leader keep the lights on!

Casualene Meyer

Madison, April 7