The National Association of Conservation District's 66th annual Stewardship Week begins Sunday. This week's Stewardship Week will take place April 25 to May 2 and will celebrate the theme "Healthy Forests, Healthy Communities."

Trees support and sustain life by providing us with food and oxygen. Forests are invaluable and play a major role in every community. Trees provide shade, help clean the air, save energy, clean our water and offer many other benefits and value to your farm, home and community.

It is important that we understand how much trees matter and how simply planting a tree can improve our quality of life.

To get help with tree planting, care and maintenance, as well as learn how to protect trees from invasive species, you can contact the Lake County Conservation District, 256-2571.

Stewardship Week helps to remind us that we have both a personal and social responsibility and a duty to take care of our natural resources and use them wisely, not just this week but all year long.

Carolyn Rudebusch, chair

Lake County

Conservation District

Madison, April 21