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DEADLINE: 9:30 a.m. the day of publication (payment required). OUR BEST DEAL: Place a 15-word classified ad for one week in the Daily Leader and one run in Leader-Land and for only $18. Add 25 cents per additional word per day. CLASSIFIEDS BY THE WORD: 1 Day - 33¢; 2 Days - 60¢; 3 Days - 87¢; 4 Days - $1; 7 Days - $1.50. Minimum charge - $5. Bold or CAPS - 10¢ per word per day. 25% discount given for a continuous, one-month run. TO PLACE YOUR CLASSIFIED AD, COMPLETE THIS FORM AND WE WILL E-MAIL YOU TO CONFIRM AD INFORMATION, PRICE AND PAYMENT INFORMATION.

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